Metal Max + handfang

Metal Max + handfang Thumb_Metal Max + handfang

Flokkar:   Einnota handföng

Barkaspegill/Laryngoscope MetalMax + - Grænt kerfi

Einnota handfang með 6V lithium rafhlöðum

ISO 7376:2009

  • Superb design and construction - 100% metal handle with grooves for good grip
  • Supplied clean with no sterile shelf life issue
  • Supplied in easy tear sachets
  • Eliminates the capital, sterilising and running costs of reusable handles
  • Guaranteed to fit all ISO 7376/3 compliant green system fibre optic blades
  • With preloaded 6V batteries (4x 1.5V in clear shrink wrap to make one cell)
  • Fast and easy battery removal at end of life plus Eco friendly battery technology ensures ease of disposal and environmental efficiency
  • Designed only to be used with Metal Max™ blades the 6V Metal Max+™ handles offer an approx 33% increased light output ensuring optimum illumination
  • Long battery life - over 5 hours continuous illumination. 3 years battery - shelf life
  • 31% lighter than the equivalent handle used with C size batteries
MMGSHB01 Green System w/batteries   Adult 
MMGSHB02 Green System w/batteries Paediatric
MMGSHB03  Green System w/batteries Stubby