Metal Max + handfang

Metal Max + handfang Thumb_Metal Max + handfang

Vörunúmer: PA-MMCVHB01

Flokkar:   Einnota handföng

Barkaspegill/Laryngoscope MetalMax + 

  • Complies with ISO 7376 Green System fittings
  • 31% lighter than the equivalent standard handle (Fitted with normal alkaline batteries) 
  • Professional strength full metal handle with grooves for excellent grip
  • Available in a variety of sizes from adult, paediatric to stubby 
  • Supplied in new colour coded easy open sachets for faster access and ease of use
  • Eliminate the capital, sterilising and running costs of reusable handles
  • Fast and easy battery removal at end of life ensures ease of disposal 
  • Amazing reliability and performance