Blástursbelgur f. börn

Blástursbelgur f. börn Thumb_Blástursbelgur f. börn

Vörunúmer: PA-CP682313

Flokkar:   Maskar og súrefnisgleraugu

ProAct Medical Ltd.  Einnota blástursbelgur með 3 möskum í stærðum nr. 0,1 og 2.

Fyrir börn- 600 ml

  •  Latex free medical grade PVC with polycarbonate shell finished to offer exceptional grip
  • Clear mask and valve housing offers excellent operational view
  • Anatomically shaped mask with soft adjustable air cushions
  • Superb seal and patient comfort
  • Infant and Child sets feature a 40cm H2O pressure relief valve
  • Supplied bagged and ready for use
  • Single use to help to prevent cross contamination