Ferno Tirol Kit

Ferno Tirol Kit Thumb_Ferno Tirol Kit
Ferno Tirol Kit Thumb_Ferno Tirol Kit
Ferno Tirol Kit Thumb_Ferno Tirol Kit
Ferno Tirol Kit Thumb_Ferno Tirol Kit
Ferno Tirol Kit Thumb_Ferno Tirol Kit

Vörunúmer: F-TR210120023

Flokkar:   Sjúkrabörur

Ferno Tirol Kit

Í þessu títan setti eru 4 handföng, 2 gafflar fyrir hjól, 1 hjól, axlarólar og poki fyrir settið. Börurnar á myndunum eru ekki innifaldar í þessu setti. Einungis með á mynd til að sýna uppsetninguna. 

The Tirol Kit is a lightweight and versatile patient transportation system ideal for long haul retrieval and technical rescue with ergonomic operation on even the most difficult terrain. At an incredibly lightweight 10.8kg, the Tirol Kit can be backpacked or divided amongst rescuers and quickly set up and used by a single rescuer.

The Tirol Kit is designed to fit a purpose-built Titan Titanium split basket stretcher which has additional head and foot plates incorporated. The combination of these two lightweight products makes it possible to operate in the most hostile and inaccessible areas.


  • Fast installation and removal with the patient in the stretcher, even by a single rescuer
  • 12 position, adjustable carry handles to match the rescue team or terrain requirements
  • Carry handles can become legs to provide an elevated, stationary position to treat the patient
  • Anti-wear treatment of metal parts to guarantee extended durability
  • 225 kg capacity

Kit Contents:

Light Mule

Single-wheel system composed of folding 'V' shaped wheel support and fast-clip locking, with a high load capacity wheel designed for mountain terrain.

Shoulder Supports

Easy to fit, adjustable and equipped with a high visibility systwm to allow more efficient distribution of the weight to be transported.

Titan Protection

Special protectie coating of the Titan-T basket stretcher to allow it to be dragged safely over all terrain types.


Complete with a high capacity, strong and easily washable bag in which to stow the entire kit.



Kit Inclusions


Articulating, removable handles 

2 Attachable side rail / wheel axle arms 
1 Lightweight wheel
2 Shoulder harnesses
1 Carry bag





Load Rating


Tirol Kit (includes light mule, shoulder support, handles, storage bag) 

10.8 kg  

225 kg

21-0120-021 Light Mule 4.7 kg  
21-0120-022 Handles 5.6 kg  
21-0120-011 SS Shoulder Support (2 harnesses) 0.5 kg