Macintosh HPC barkablað - MAC 1

Macintosh HPC barkablað - MAC 1 Thumb_Macintosh HPC barkablað - MAC 1

Vörunúmer: PA-HPCMAC1

Flokkar:   Einnota barkablöð

PROACT ® HPC MAC1- Macintosh (75mm) 

PROACT ® Disposable HPC Fibre Optic Laryngoscopes

  • Economical - Offer a economical but clinically effective solution when budgets are tight
  • Incredibly Strong - With zero reported incidents of breakages during clinical use
  • Superb Output - High quality plastic optics offer super bright light output
  • Cost Effective - Eliminate the capital, sterilising running costs of reusables
  • Dual Ball Bearings - Gives a secure fit and optional re-use on same patient
  • Control Infection - Help to protect against cross Infection
  • Supplied Clean - No sterile shelf life issue
  • Supplied in Colour Coded Sachets - For fast access & use
  • Compatible - Fits to all ISO 7376/3 compliant handles