Macintosh Metal barkablað - MAC 0

Macintosh Metal barkablað - MAC 0 Thumb_Macintosh Metal barkablað - MAC 0

Vörunúmer: PA-MMGS100MAC0

Flokkar:   Einnota barkablöð

Einnota Macintosh (61mm) Full Metal barkablað - Nýburar

Metal Max ® GS Fibre Optic 100 Laryngoscope Blades 

Notist með ISO 7376/3 Fibre Optic handföngum í græna kerfinu

  • Top-of-the Range - 100% metal blade with same construction as a reusable
  • New Blade Design - The new “integrated” optic design helps to focus the light beam whilst protecting the optics. The new back cover on the rear of the blade prevents rear projection
  • Super Strong and Rigid - Like reusable blades labelled as single patient use
  • Superb Quality and Bright Light - Gives clinican the best view and ease of use
  • Cost Effective - Eliminate the capital, sterilising and running costs of reusables
  • Control Infection - Help to eliminate cross infection risks
  • Supplied Clean - No sterile shelf life issue
  • Correctly Formed Blade Tips with No Sharp Edges - Blade spatula is a reusable design with the same expensive tip as a reusable blade - no tissue damage
  • Triple Sprung Ball Bearings - Give secure fit and option of re-use on same patient
  • Supplied in "Easy Tear" Sachets - For fast access & use
  • Compatible - Fit to all ISO 7376/3 compliant fibre optic type green system handles