Miller HPC barkablað - MIL 00

Miller HPC barkablað - MIL 00 Thumb_Miller HPC barkablað - MIL 00

Vörunúmer: PA-HPCMIL00

Flokkar:   Einnota barkablöð

Einnota Miller (44mm) HPC barkablað fyrir nýbura

  • Slim blades that match the correct profile of a Macintosh / Miller blade
  • Incredibly strong with no reported incidents of breakages during clinical use
  • High quality optics offer super bright light output
  • Dual ball bearings give a secure fit
  • Help to protect cross infection
  • No sterile shelf life issue
  • Fits all ISO 7376/3 compliant green system fibre optic handles
  • Very strong polycarbonate material resists breaking, bending and twisting
  • Full length blade spatula and ET tube guide surface