Adult Flex Sensor + Flexiwrap

Adult Flex Sensor + Flexiwrap Thumb_Adult Flex Sensor + Flexiwrap

Vörunúmer: 200-8000J

Flokkar:   Súrefnismettunarmælar

Adult Flex System: 8000J Sensor + 8000JFW FlexiWrap

Flex sensor og Flexi plástur.

  • Cable Length: 1m/3m/WristOx2

  • Patient Range: > 20kg (44lbs)

  • Preferred Application: Index, middle or ring fingers

  • Latex free

Nonin PureLight® Technology

For accuracy at critical SpO2 levels

Cost Effective

Hybrid sensor system saves money over traditional disposable sensors

Trimmable Shape

Can be contoured to fit on any patient


Trim design for a great fit; not made with natural rubber latex

Silicone Construction

For durability and easy cleaning of sensors



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